On the Air: January 23, 2022

For fans of sushi, sashimi, and tuna steaks on the grill, we have some good news. Four species of tuna have rebounded in recent years, lowering the threat of extinction.

An agency of the United Nations monitors the health of more than 138,000 species of life -- in the oceans and on land. And every few years, it takes a new look at each species. Many species are in worse shape than ever -- mostly as the result of human activities. But a few have improved.

In Print: January 1, 2022

The human body relies on sunlight to synchronize its internal clock. Light controls the release of hormones that tell our bodies whether it’s time to be alert or time to sleep – despite most of us needing an alarm clock to wake up. Most other animals, even those that are nocturnal, use sunlight to maintain their internal clocks as well. But animals living close to either of Earth’s poles need a different strategy during the long months of winter when there’s hardly any sunlight at all.